A Ticket To Coachella By Google

As Coachella became the essential destination for young music lovers around the globe, Google/Youtube wanted the 2018 festival to be their most ambitious livestream in virtual reality to date. They tapped Brave New Media for execution of the experience.

The mission came in the form of a VR channel. During the first weekend, Damian directed more than 24 hours of live music. Adding a new dimension of immersion, they incorporated live augmented reality for the first time, overlaying virtual objects timed with melodies using custom stitching servers — a ticket to Coachella without the desert heat.

While building the format and selecting the music presented between dozens of VR180 cameras, Damian, Stephen and Lara also produced original prerecorded content with influencers Lexie Jiaras and SuperDuperBrick — getting creative with two of the most vibrant young people in entertainment alone made this no routine broadcast marathon.

Google also provided tilt brush art by artist-in-residence Cesar Ortega, who drew gorgeous live impressions of the Coachella landscape — these designs were inserted into the video stream in VR180, along with the responsive augmented reality during performances.

This project pervaded a collective sense that Virtual Reality is here to stay. Coachella and YouTube/Google VR pulled out all the stops along with Vantage.tv bringing historic elements to life, including the launch of one rocket ship. We look forward to transporting viewers to more iconic experiences like Coachella stages in real time.

If you didn’t get a ticket or take the ride with us, you can enjoy some of the best experiences here.

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