The Brave New Media team was hard at work at this year’s 74th Primetime Emmys Media Center!

With incredible acceptance speeches and talented winners gracing the stage, this special event celebrating the best in television never ceases to blow us away. The star-studded stage graced record-breaking nominees and the world witnessed history in the making, with Zendaya winning twice as the youngest actress of all time and Squid Game winning as the first non-English language series for outstanding drama.


With these groundbreaking nominations, we’ve also witnessed a lot of change in the production space and the coordination of the show. It’s no secret that a whole lot has changed in the last few years, especially due to COVID restrictions, but luckily, our team found new ways to grow within those changes. With Damian Petrou on the ground coordinating and directing the General Press Room in both the physical and digital space and Amber Sjomeling, Stephen Cashmere and Johanna Ruiz revamping the new interactive website, we were able to transform the previous year’s digital experience into a hybrid one. Looking back at how we got here, it’s been quite the journey.


Back in 2020, Brave New Media was brought in to work on the Creative Arts Emmys, a place where they showcase makeup, hair, and choreography awards. It didn’t take long for the team to notice our digital integrations and nimble efforts in production work, as we were then moving on up and added to the first virtual 73d Emmys event at the height of the pandemic. Because of our previous years’ setups, we were able to take those learnings and create something completely new in a hybrid format for the 74th Emmys. Our job was to help the press report on the news as quickly as possible, and we did just that and more, through on-the-ground direction and a website refresh, feeding in live streams, transcripts, and zoom interviews.


“I really liked how this was handled and it made my first time covering the Emmys very pleasant. Everything went so smoothly. I just wanted to give my compliments to your team and I hope going forward you’ll do something like this again.” -Emmy’s PR Team

Because of this revamp, the press was able to be reached directly both at home and on-site, and acted as a living, breathing, resource center for instant real-time tweeting, interviewing, and announcements. It was inclusive of embedded plug-ins, integrated password and management features and interactive capabilities specialized for the press.

Every year, we see familiar faces and old friends at the Emmys working hard on production. In a way, it kind of reminds us of summer camp, in the best way. The energy is always sky-high, with key folks coming through year after year and pulling on their strengths to take this event to new heights.