How Technology Met The Moment

Since COVID, Brave New Media has created, produced, and streamed over 200 virtual events, allowing our clients to navigate the virtual experience with traditional production values and making us prolific in the virtual event and live stream space.

With all the changes that were brought on by these unprecedented times, the Brave New Media team rose up to the challenges and went beyond simply adapting – we made it a part of our culture and merged it into a key part of our services and offerings. With this new technological metamorphosis, enter the creation of the Virtual Stage Manager!


The Brave New Media team specializes in events for television networks & brands. We’ve worked on both large and small-scale events ranging from product launches, press events, DEI initiatives, corporate town halls, talent screenings, executive pitches, FYCs, and investor days with some of our notable moments in the EMMYS Media Center and FOX Upfronts.

Clients Include:

When it comes to setting up your website, we develop custom WordPress websites built to your specifications and needs.

Through this new addition to our services, we allowed our clients to continue to thrive by providing a seamless online experience for all their production needs.

Our capabilities include:

Web development

Online event registration or pre-populated registration

Secure Online Login with optional SSO Login Integration OKTA

Livestreaming video content

Custom-developed website with supporting event content

Integration with Salesforce

Live content updates

Custom integration with 3D virtual environment RenHaus

Web Design

Virtual Stage Managing

Virtual Customer Tech/Login Support

Virtual Directing/Technical Directing/Producing

Use of our own virtual event platform MeetMo


Working with us is easy! Whether you provide us with designs, iframes and previously set-up livestreams or need us to start from the ground up, we are here to support and reflect your needs no matter what. So hop on for the ride, and we’ll take you into a whole new immersive experience.